Blesh/O'Neill Registry


The water is wide,
I can't cross over,
And neither have I wings to fly.
Build me a boat
That can carry two
And both shall row, my love and I.
-Scottish traditional song (chosen by Jenn and Brendan to accompany their selection of pots from Cornwall Bridge Pottery)
Jenn grew up just up the road from Cornwall Bridge Pottery, and has long been attracted to our beautiful, and highly functional, artwork. Both Jenn and Brendan value supporting local artists and craftspeople.
I am thrilled to be hosting a site for Jenn and Brendan.  Their journey as a couple has intersected my own vision as a potter in ways too numerous to mention in this small space. Suffice it to say, it has always been my goal to make domestic treasures to enhance peoples lives.  By choosing Cornwall Bridge Pottery they are affirming a commitment to Quality as the surest route to a life of enrichment and respect for the values only Time can trigger. Any pots purchased on this sight will be shipped FREE OF CHARGE to them in Michigan and a gift card will be included to insure your sentiments are passed along. Just indicate what you'd like said during the Notes portion of the checkout.