Welcome to this year's Columbus Day ONLINE offers.  Each pot shown here will be the exact one you will receive should you decide to go ahead and shop. 

The Good News is that since the recent move from the massive building in West Cornwall to the more manageable space here at my Workshop/Store in Cornwall Bridge we have decided to whittle away at the enormous collection of pots that sit in storage waiting for their day in the sun. This is an obvious opportunity –Win, Win so to speak—to liquidate in a way that assures good homes for these creations.

Since I’ve always considered my pots to be akin to offspring it is important that they find their way into the world. To this end, for this specific event, we will be discounting many of the pots to 50% of their original price. As we cull through the collection the Discount will increase to as much as 80% based on a variety of the following criteria:

* length of time in storage

* quantity of style, color, size left in inventory

* quality and/or condition of specific pot

Obviously, the more criteria met the deeper the Discount. Pay close attention to the photos and the description. For added transparency we include a YOUTUBE video of each pot rotated 360 degrees so you can see it in its entirety.

Finally, there is an added incentive of FREE SHIPPING! when your shopping cart reaches a $100 so keep that in mind as you make your selection. Just type CBPOTS2018 as a Coupon Code at checkout and you will receive FREE SHIPPING.

If you have any questions at all feel free to reachout to me personally (Todd Piker:; phone: 860-946-9679; or the Contact Button on the website-whichever your preference).