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Establishing a Wedding Registry with a craftsperson has the distinction of providing the highest compliment to all parties involved -- Bride and Groom (of course), guests that simply don't know the appropriate gift to give, and finally (last but not least) the craftsmen whose highest achievement is to make things for people that want them.! This is why this page is titled WIN! WIN! WIN! Here at Cornwall Bridge Pottery we understand the many variables of picking the assortment of pots that have a personal connection to your future. It's important that this be right for after all pots last many lifetimes as a constant reminder of the ideals. You might almost say a Wedding Registry is a commitment set in stone. So it's very important to have an organized and efficient way of choosing and displaying your selection. This website has functioned as the hallowed locus for a number of Registries. Click on this link SAMPLE PAGE ( to see the different offerings and options for display). If we get started early enough the link to your site can be included in your invitations. We will pack and ship or hold the pots until the complications of the day are behind you and then arrange delivery of the whole selection to the site of your choosing. If this kind of personal service is of interest simply shoot me an e-mail via this link: Contact Button indicating your interest and I will connect with you shortly to discuss, and perhaps begin, the design process. Thanks for reading this in its entirety.



Todd Piker, potter