Devon and Jonathan


                                                                               Devon and Jonathan


September 28th, 2019  (wedding date)

It is always thrilling to be asked to host a Bridal Registry. But in this case, I feel twice blessed because Devon Root has held a prominent place in our family's life for at least 3 decades. She is one of my younger daughter Elyse's best friends. A potter can never be sure what the impact their work may have on others. Truth be told, we create mostly to fill a deep impulse to work with the materials of our trade-air, earth, water and fire. But surrounding this activity, if we are lucky, there are the daily routines of family that provide the balance and joy as stabilizers like the legs of a stool. Devon has a great big, wide smile that comes straight from her eyes and spreads across her whole face with genuine warmth. In this picture with Jonathan I see both of them energized in the same way I have always felt in her presence. Blessed is the couple that can trigger that dynamic within each other.

The website is now completely stocked with all of the pots Devon has selected. Many of them were commissioned and specially made for this most recent firing. After 45 years of making pots here in Cornwall this firing was one of the best and most satisfying. I am glad Dev and Jonathan's choices were here as now I know they will sit in a house full of love and devotion much like the effort that went into their creation.

A Few Words About Shipping....

You will notice that there is no cost for shipping. Moving pottery around the country can get very expensive so the best approach for delivery will be for me to deliver the pots personally to Dev and Jonathan with clear notations about who gave what, their address and any Note you'd like me to include. You can create a Note within the Shopping Cart or email your sentiments to me under separate cover at I will make sure they receive your message. If you'd like to pick up your gift and carry it to the wedding you are welcome to arrange a visit to my workshop. I will not be available for pickup from September 20-October. Please use my address as the Ship To: when checking out:

Todd Piker

69 Kent Road South

Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754

Once again please contact me via my email at if you have any questions whatsoever. Bear in mind you will need to arrange gift packing elsewhere.


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