Work in Progress (MQ): POTS FROM PAINTINGS


PREMIER EXHIBITION: Opening Reception at The Pottery Store in West Cornwall November26, 2005 3pm thru 6 pm. HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!

I have been working on this body of pots for several years now. The basic inspiration for this work comes from my interest in the choice of pots used by painters for props in still-life composition. In my research I have found that there are numerous examples of paintings that feature folk pots as either primary subject matter or important accessories in a very tightly composed work. If you scroll down these pages you will see I have chosen both well-known and obscure works as inspiration for these pots. In all examples the process has been the same. I show the painting and then I draw the pot I plan to make. Ifollow this by making 5 or 6 pots. In this way I am trying to address the evolving nature of the potters art. These painters , for whatever reason, chose a single pot to capture in their still-life work. But I have gone behind the scenes, so to speak, and taken a look at the other pots that might well have got away. ALL EXHIBITION POTS WILL BE SHIPPED AND FULLY INSURED FOR FREE!