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Bridal Registry for (YOUR NAMES HERE)

Their Wedding Date is June 3,2016

"We believe that it was destiny that brought all of us together. And that with each other, dreams can come true." (YOUR NAME HERE)

(YOUR NAMES HERE) are passionate about many things and it comes as no surprise that they have an affinity with the pots from Cornwall Bridge Pottery. Our work stands the test of time and the pots are made by people passionate about the profession. We are flattered that (YOUR NAMES HERE)have tracked us down to include, in their registry-for-gifts, pots from us. Scroll down to see the collection. (YOUR NAMES HERE)have requested the pots be shipped directly to California. When checking out OnLine please use their address as the destination: When you make your selection we will provide an area in the CheckOut for Notes and we will transmit your message to them before the wedding. We will also identify the specific pot you've purchased so trust us that your heartfelt gesture will be securely conveyed.

Any Questions? (800/501-6545 and ask for Todd) or e-mail TPiker@GMAIL.COM.
As pots sell we will update the site to reflect what remains for purchase.