Grand Re-Opening - Memorial Day Weekend 2018




The time has come. Apologies for the delay but changing business models at my age (65) has had a host of simultaneous and conflicting challenges. In retrospect it is hard to discern which events were challenges of my own making and which were just the messiness that surrounds a long life unfolding (refolding) in anticipation of new priorities. I won’t besiege you with the details here. If you’d like to read more about this I refer you to a new chapter in my continuing Memoir.

But for informational purposes the critical NEWS is:

Memorial Day Weekend at the Workshop in Cornwall Bridge
Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th

Our Store in West Cornwall…the iconic structure in the middle of the village that sits at the railroad crossing….has been sold. The new showroom has returned to its ORIGINAL setting at my workshop/home in Cornwall Bridge. This brings to an end a 34 year journey as a shopkeeper and consolidates my efforts more vertically.

I am hoping that many of you will continue to find your way to my doorstep just 5 miles south of the Covered Bridge in West Cornwall (69 Kent Road South, Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, 06754) and want to assure you that my life and career as a potter will continue. In this day and age of internet sales and changing demographics the most reasonable place to display my wares is at the source. When you visit to see the latest harvest you will be at the vineyard. You can wander through the kiln yard; you can peek in on the potters at their wheels while they throw or turn or decorate. You can ask us questions about methods of production, the history of our inspiration and yes, we can talk about the ‘business’ of art and craft in the 21st century. The workshop is the logical place for our Showroom and when renovating we were sure to design in enough space that was attractive and welcoming and the inventory would stay clean, bright and shiny. See below some pictures and mark your calendars!



This event will feature all of the bells and whistles of our traditional annual Lamp Sale (up to 75% off on some select styles). But in addition we will be celebrating the official re-opening of the newly renovated workshop and its glorious Finished Goods setting for our world renown mugs, plates, bowls, planters, pitchers, platters etc.

When you visit you will also be introduced to the newest chapter in the Pots, Potters, Potteries story I have been telling for the last 45 years—IDEAS (Institute for the Discovery and Examination of Artistic Sensibility); a 501(c)3 whose Mission is training like-minded people to make pots that reflect a deep respect for the trade and strive for artistic excellence. Including a more community centered effort to engage and educate people about Pots, Potters and Potteries with lectures, a museum, a library, demonstrations, participation in wood firings as just examples of the inclusive effort we will make moving into the future.


, Founder, potter

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